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The Best Veggies to Plant in the Early Spring in Ancaster

Some delicious vegetable crops can take literally months to mature. And while most avid gardeners/farmers are happy to get their hands dirty and play the long game, there are plenty of tasty crops you can plant and grow in the short term. In springtime, you can front-load crops that can stand cooler temperatures and try…

Stephen Gleave: What’s in Season – Exploring Ancaster and Ontario’s Produce

As Canadians wish for warmer weather, we might be asking ourselves when we’ll be able to enjoy certain produce again. If you’re an avid farmer or even just have a small garden, you’ll want to be clear on what fruits and vegetables are suitable for which season. Ontario (especially in Ancaster) is known for its…

Running for Cognitive Health

Endurance sports are a lifestyle. Once people sign-on for the specific diet, the training, and become introduced to the league of dedicated and passionate athletes, few turn away. The routine is often comforting as people finish-up stressful work days anxious to lace up their running shoes and release some tension through exertion. Some join colleagues…

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